May. 1st, 2014

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The night in Los Angeles had been uncomfortable. Nico and other-Victor had disappeared into a bedroom, and no one else felt like doing much beyond staring dumbly at the television. Xavin was the only one who seemed able to speak much, and she wasn't exactly a great conversationalist.

In the morning, Bay took the first portal back to Fandom because she couldn't think of anything better to do. She could mourn anywhere, and it seemed likely the rest of Gert's friends had crimefighting to do that she would just get in the way of. (Not that she understood how they could want to be heroes after they lost Gert, but her comments to that effect went nowhere.)

She took Old Lace up to her dorm room and made a phone call she didn't much want to make, because it made everything that much more real. Only knowing she owed it to Gert got her through leaving the message for Evan. Then she curled up on her bed, the dinosaur resting her head against Bay's shoulder as if she knew comforting was needed.

[OOC: Closed door, open post. Extreme emo warning.]


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