Aug. 14th, 2014

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Bay had gotten sucked into a massive round of Kennish-Vasquez family drama as soon as she got home and hadn't had much time to think about Fandom. Once the dust settled, Bay's biological father was dead; Daphne had flipped out and was practically smoking crack with some gang banger or something; and Bay knew her bio dad and his sister had both died young due to a hereditary aneurysm condition.

And also, she had gotten a final rejection from Pratt.

So ... that was fun.

On the bright side, she was back with Emmett and for once it seemed like they might not completely screw everything up. Was she certain enough about that to feel totally confident about her decision to follow him to L.A. with absolutely no plans of her own? Probably not, which was why she was procrastinating on packing by lying on her bed with her phone in her hands. She'd make the top of Kim Kardashian's A list before evening or waste a bunch of time trying.

[OOC: Open to phone calls/texts/random visits]


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