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After the fun-filled experience of getting dragged out of a school that didn't even want her, Bay was grateful for a good night's sleep. Peace was good. She liked peace.

... which, this being her life, was destined to last just about until 10 in the morning, but hey. First, Daphne got something up her butt about Bay having talked to one of the reporters outside Carlton the night before, which in Daphne logic gave her the right to call Bay out on acting like she was the victim all of the time. And then Bay's nice quiet trip to see Lana and Angelo before she left turned into taking Lana to the hospital, which turned into being in the waiting room while her new baby sister was born. (Bay owed Toby and Nikki a lot for having entertained Gert while that was going on.)

Oh, and Regina was going to rehab. So that was fun. And apparently Toby had decided to get married, because teenage marriage to some girl you'd been dating for all of three months was such a great idea.

But somehow, when Bay finally made it back to her bedroom at her parents' house, none of that was bothering her the way the last thing she'd seen before she left the hospital was. It was such a small thing -- Angelo holding the newborn, singing and smiling at her. But it reminded Bay of the life she hadn't had, and for a moment she was fiercely jealous of the baby.

She went to half-heartedly pack for the trip back to school, which was turning into a lot of staring at clothes at random like a complete space cadet.

[OOC: NFB, for Gert only! Some dialogue may come from the SaB episode "Introducing the Miracle."]
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