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"Art is in the eye of the beholder," Professor Ledarsky -- a middle-aged woman with curly hair and funky accessories -- intoned. "True or False?""

Bay still wasn't quite sure what the hell she was doing in a college class, but nobody else seemed inclined to talk, so she raised a hand. "True?"

"If it's true, what the hell are you doing here?" the professor asked, arching an eyebrow. Bay went pink as the rest of the class laughed.

The lecture had barely resumed again when a heavy-set guy with dark hair crashed into the classroom. "I'm sorry, I lost my pledge pin," he explained. "I had to do 50 push-ups."

"Of course," Ledarsky nodded, resigned to this particular aspect of college life. "Hazing season."

"Omega Psi!" the guy shouted.

The professor pointed to the ball. "And then bowling?"

"No ma'am," he said. "If you lose your pledge pin, they make you carry around a brick, but then if you're caught without that brick, you gotta carry the bowling ball."

"And if you lose that?"

"A live chicken."

So, Frat Guy -- who wanted to be called Tank -- was not exactly the kind of college student Bay had been looking forward to meeting. Given her luck, of course that meant Ledarsky was going to pair them up for the first week portrait assignment.

Bay knew how not-great the idea truly was as soon as she introduced herself. "Hi, um, I'm Bay -"

"Like what horses do?"

That was actually fairly original,in Bay's experience; most people went for body-of-water jokes. Not that that made it much better. "Wolves, actually. Wolves bay at the moon," she said, matter-of-factly and very much wanting to just get the assignment done.

"Well, better than quack. You could have been named quack."

"Ha ha. That is true."

Most people would have picked up on the not-amused iciness in Bay's voice. Tank just kept going. "Or yap. Or maw. That could have been a lot worse."

This conversation wasn't going to go anywhere good, so Bay just moved to a better topic. "Yeah, so I could do tomorrow evening, maybe we could meet at a cafe."

Tank looked apologetic. Kind of. "Sorry, I'm on pledge duty so I can't leave the house."

"Yeah, that's going to be a problem."

"You can come to me!" he suggested.

"I'm supposed to just show up at a fraternity house. Alone. At night." Bay raised her eyebrows, trying to show how ridiculous the suggestion was.

Of course, Tank took offense. "Dude, I'm just going to be studying in the common room, okay. We're not all cavemen."

This didn't seem to be a fight Bay was going to win, and she wanted to get the portrait done more than she wanted to get her way. A frat house was -- among other things -- just a place people lived, right? "Okay, fine. I can come."

Tank shouted, "Omega psi!" and exited, still chuckling about the name Bay. She watched him go.

If she had to work with him on a regular basis, this promised to be a very long semester.

[OOC: NFB due to distance, NFI. Taken from SaB 3.1.]


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