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Bay had felt jittery and distractable all week, and she'd spent far more time than usual rereading shmoopy old texts from Emmett and Ty. (Emmett's were adorable. Ty ... sent a lot of pictures of himself with his shirt off, which was actually more interesting this week.) This was not great as a shiny new hobby when you wanted to be totally over a guy.

She turned on her laptop and logged into DeviantArt, which was usually good at either inspiring her or giving her mocking material. But somehow today, all her searches seemed to lead to anime-style art featuring .... boobs.

Lots and lots of improbable boobs, attached to even more improbable girls. And she was going to click away and quit looking at the endless galleries of this stuff annnnnny second now.

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Bay had decided to try a cool new manicure design she found online. Because she had yellow and black polishes, and she was bored, and -- well, why not?

She carefully applied the polishes with a teensy nail brush, wiggling her fingers as she did. Waiting for layers of polish to dry was the worst.

Meanwhile, on the other bed... )

[OOC: Preplayed with [livejournal.com profile] dollpocalypse and [livejournal.com profile] arsenicmauls. All the teacups are belong to me.]
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Bay had gone straight from her portal to class. After she was done discussing Margaret Sanger, she went back to her room and collapsed on her bed. Her weekend at home had been ... Bay was just going to go with interesting. To start off with, her dad was apparently serious about his state senate run. And then immigration randomly showed up to check on Regina and Angelo's marriage. They passed, but only after dinner became even more of a French farce. Oh, and it turned out that Lana planned to give the baby up for adoption anyhow, which made the whole entire point of Bay coming home to meet the mother of her future half-sibling kind of moot. But she'd yelled at Angelo before she found out -- twice -- so that had been satisfying.

After all of that, Daphne had gently told Bay her signing was deteriorating and lent her Deafenstein as a study aid/torture device. Bay wondered if she should play it in the common room -- at least then other people would know exactly how bad it was.

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Bay was having a perfectly nice day -- some Netflixed anime, a little sketching, a little calculus -- when her brother had to get in touch and ruin it.

Apparently, Angelo had gotten some other woman pregnant. No, wait, it was better than that: Angelo had gotten another woman pregnant, hadn't bothered mentioning it to his wife or his daughters, and, according to Toby, seemed to want to avoid responsibility again. And Toby had found out by accident and invited the woman over for dinner. Which was both classic Toby and something Bay had to come home for, because there wasn't much point in the mother of Bay's biological half-sibling coming over if Bay herself wasn't around.

So. That was going to be Bay's weekend. Unless she killed Angelo with her mind first. She mulled over the possibility as she reached for her sketchbook. She'd call him after she drew his grisly death a couple times to calm herself down.

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Bay woke up to find a message from Angelo telling her he’d gotten his payout from the lawsuit, and that she should go to the post office, sign for an insured package, and then wait until she could find him on Skype before opening it. He sounded like he was about to burst from excitement and she didn’t have anything else to do that day anyhow, so she did what she was told.

Once she had the Skype connection up and the bulky rectangular package in front of her, she opened it and found a framed letter from Frida Kahlo to Diego Rivera. She hadn’t known that was even a thing you could buy.

So she had to tell Daphne. )

After they said their goodbyes, Bay turned on some music and then stood on her bed, trying to decide where she should put the letter. She wanted to hang it in exactly the right place.

[OOC: Open door/post! Parts taken from Switched at Birth S2E01. And here we begin kind of trying to keep up with canon. ]

Voice Mail

Dec. 24th, 2012 09:33 pm
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Hi, it's Bay. Sorry I missed you. You know what to do.


[OOC: I claim no rights to Vanessa Marano, Switched at Birth, or the character of Bay Kennish. This is just for fun.]


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