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Bay had turned down the trip with Angelo to see Abby, and her reward was a lazy Friday morning. She was filling it by calling Toby for a good round of family gossip and picking on him about the married-at-nineteen plan.

She considered this her duty as a little sister.

Eventually -- possibly just to get Bay off the subject -- Toby asked if she had any news from the Vasquez-Sorrentos. Since Regina had moved out, the families hadn't been talking much.

"Well, I think Angelo's out of town for the weekend," Bay said. "He went to St. Louis to try to get the baby back from the couple who adopted her."

"That's cool," Toby said, after a pause in which he seemed to be trying to figure out how to feel. "I mean, you're gonna meet your sister."

Bay felt suddenly shy. "Yeah, he, um, wanted me to go, but..," she mumbled into the phone.

"Why didn't you?"

"I don't know," Bay sighed. "It just felt weird, and I'm all the way in Maryland, and school starts next week ... honestly, I just thought it would be more fun to stay where I was."

"Bay, if he doesn't get her back this might be your only chance to meet her," Toby pointed out.

"... now I feel even worse."

"It's a 90-minute flight," Toby said. "Bet there's one leaving this morning. I'll meet you at the St. Louis airport."

"Toby, you don't have to -"

Her big brother was stern. "C'mon."

And somehow Bay agreed.

[OOC: Establishy. Dialogue from Switched at Birth 2.17, ""Prudence, Avarice, Lust, Justice, Anger", with Toby stepping in for Ty.]
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After archery class -- or, as Bay suspected she'd fondly think of it, 'ogling the teacher's arms 101' -- Bay went back to her room to sketch in peace. (Or ... relative peace, considering the fact she kept singing under her breath and snatches of song were drifting in from the halls.)

She'd barely outlined the self-portrait she was working on before her phone rang with a call from Kathryn Kennish. She picked it up with some annoyance. "'H'lo?"

Her expression sobered quickly at what her mother told her. Her father was in the hospital after a heart attack. Regina had found him and he was doing better than expected, but he'd been asking for Bay. Could she come home for a few days?

Of course she could.

As she packed, she realized she was singing. This time, she didn't hold it in.

So tired, tired of this drama
No more, no more
I wanna be free
I'm so tired, so tired...

[OOC: Based on canon events. Cracked door, open post.]
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Bay had noticed the random children the day before, and been smugly grateful it seemed to have passed her by. It wasn't that she was completely opposed to having kids someday, but right now? She didn't even really like to babysit.

She sprawled on her bed, idly flipping through a magazine as she appreciated her good fortune.

[OOC: Primarily for one, but open!]
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Bay had felt jittery and distractable all week, and she'd spent far more time than usual rereading shmoopy old texts from Emmett and Ty. (Emmett's were adorable. Ty ... sent a lot of pictures of himself with his shirt off, which was actually more interesting this week.) This was not great as a shiny new hobby when you wanted to be totally over a guy.

She turned on her laptop and logged into DeviantArt, which was usually good at either inspiring her or giving her mocking material. But somehow today, all her searches seemed to lead to anime-style art featuring .... boobs.

Lots and lots of improbable boobs, attached to even more improbable girls. And she was going to click away and quit looking at the endless galleries of this stuff annnnnny second now.

[OOC: Cracked door, open post!]
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Bay had gone straight from her portal to class. After she was done discussing Margaret Sanger, she went back to her room and collapsed on her bed. Her weekend at home had been ... Bay was just going to go with interesting. To start off with, her dad was apparently serious about his state senate run. And then immigration randomly showed up to check on Regina and Angelo's marriage. They passed, but only after dinner became even more of a French farce. Oh, and it turned out that Lana planned to give the baby up for adoption anyhow, which made the whole entire point of Bay coming home to meet the mother of her future half-sibling kind of moot. But she'd yelled at Angelo before she found out -- twice -- so that had been satisfying.

After all of that, Daphne had gently told Bay her signing was deteriorating and lent her Deafenstein as a study aid/torture device. Bay wondered if she should play it in the common room -- at least then other people would know exactly how bad it was.

[OOC: Cracked door, open post.]


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