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Bay had turned down the trip with Angelo to see Abby, and her reward was a lazy Friday morning. She was filling it by calling Toby for a good round of family gossip and picking on him about the married-at-nineteen plan.

She considered this her duty as a little sister.

Eventually -- possibly just to get Bay off the subject -- Toby asked if she had any news from the Vasquez-Sorrentos. Since Regina had moved out, the families hadn't been talking much.

"Well, I think Angelo's out of town for the weekend," Bay said. "He went to St. Louis to try to get the baby back from the couple who adopted her."

"That's cool," Toby said, after a pause in which he seemed to be trying to figure out how to feel. "I mean, you're gonna meet your sister."

Bay felt suddenly shy. "Yeah, he, um, wanted me to go, but..," she mumbled into the phone.

"Why didn't you?"

"I don't know," Bay sighed. "It just felt weird, and I'm all the way in Maryland, and school starts next week ... honestly, I just thought it would be more fun to stay where I was."

"Bay, if he doesn't get her back this might be your only chance to meet her," Toby pointed out.

"... now I feel even worse."

"It's a 90-minute flight," Toby said. "Bet there's one leaving this morning. I'll meet you at the St. Louis airport."

"Toby, you don't have to -"

Her big brother was stern. "C'mon."

And somehow Bay agreed.

[OOC: Establishy. Dialogue from Switched at Birth 2.17, ""Prudence, Avarice, Lust, Justice, Anger", with Toby stepping in for Ty.]


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