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The presents to open on Bay's 19th birthday included a necklace passed down from Adriana and Regina; a box set of DVDs of Antonioni films from Daphne; a couple of funny t-shirts from Toby; and a gift certificate to Amazon from John and Kathryn, which was less sentimental than the other gifts but far more practical.

It was nice, knowing that many people cared about her. And after three prior birthdays together, Bay had almost forgotten sharing her special day with Daphne had once felt like an insult. (She had sent Daphne a kids book on gross medical facts. Hey, she was the one who wanted to be a doctor, so it counted as educational.)

The last envelope, small and blue, contained a picture of an anonymous bodega, street sign barely visible at the edge of the photograph. The note on the back said Find me. Love, Emmett.

So she got a birthday scavenger hunt, too. It was a little disgusting, how gooey-in-love Bay and Emmett were lately, but she'd decided to turn off her cynical brain and enjoy it until the next inevitable disaster. It was a rare day free of classes or a cafeteria shift: Bay put on the new necklace, jerked on her boots and jacket and set out to track him down.

[OOC: NFB, open for calls/texts/etc. Post prompted by the fact I remembered a character's birthday for once, huzzah.]


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