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So far, Bay's brilliant plan to take Gert home with her to deflect questions and ease any lingering tension had worked perfectly. Kathryn had fussed over the purple-haired girl, which made Toby sympathetic, and now he was Gert's temporary best friend. And Gert had actually seemed kind of impressed by the stuff in Bay's studio, which was always a fantastic boost to her fragile artist ego. Daphne and Emmett seemed pretty upset about Carlton closing, which made Bay feel bad, but there were still a couple weeks in the school year, right? Plenty of time to figure something out.

So now all Bay and Gert had to do was get through Romeo & Juliet, see Angelo and Lana ... and then head back to the island of weird. Bay could do that in her sleep.

Everything was going perfectly right up to the balcony scene, when Bay noticed Daphne looked stricken before seeming to glance her way. She turned to the back of the theater, where Travis seemed equally stricken.

There was clearly nothing to do but go talk to him. Bay excused herself and went up the aisle.

//What's going on?//, she signed.


And this was why Bay had never particularly cared for Travis. Being lied to sucked. //I know you guys are planning something. What is it?//

Travis reluctantly explained the plan: The students were going to take over the Carlton building to force the administration to keep it open. But, he noted, //We're not taking over anything if we don't get rid of the security guard.//

They needed a distraction to get everyone's attention away from building security, Bay knew -- but what? It was practically fate that the fire alarm was right in her line of sight. She felt kind of horrible about it -- all of Kathryn's hard work, gone -- but she went over to pull it.

Lights started to flash in a silent alarm, and then there was chaos. Bay scrambled through the crowd to grab Gert's hand and then scrambled outside the theater and toward the school along with everybody else.

"I'll explain later," she whispered.

[OOC: NFB. For the girl with purple hair only.]


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