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I don't paint dreams or nightmares

That's Bay, bright and angry.

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Birthdate:Jan 11

"Just because I always have some snappy comeback doesn't mean I don't break easily."

Name: Bay Madeline Kennish
Fandom:Switched at Birth
Birthday: October 22, 1995 (age 19)
Voice Mail:555-BAYK
Current Status: Student & Cafeteria Employee, California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles
Fandom Living Arrangements: 307 with Topher Brink (dollpocalypse)
Classes, Spring 2013: Feminism (Atreides, Monday); Industrial Arts (Alenko, Tuesday); Sex Ed (Rogers/Odinson, Friday)
Classes, Summer I 2013: Philosophy (Wiggin, Monday); Long Con (Constantine, Wednesday); Personal Style (West, Thursday)
Classes, Summer II 2013: American History through Film (Rogers, Monday); Realistic Etiquette (Lyman, Thursday); Archery 102 (Barton, Friday)
Classes, Fall 2013: Literature 101 (Day, Thursday); Live Music Appreciation (Starsmore, Thursday)
Classes, Spring 2014: Self-Expression (Pryde, Monday); Stranded on a Planet (McCoy, Wednesday); Coping with Change (Starsmore, Friday)
Big Sibling: Karla (glacial_witch)
OOC Email/AIM: septembergrrl at gmail dot com/fakenamecentral/ HMD
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art, asl, being a virgin, being self-centered, being spoiled, billboards, daphne vasquez, drama and more drama, drawing, emmett bledsoe, frida khalo, graffiti, john kennish, kansas city, kathryn kennish, painting, puerto rico, switched at birth, toby kennish
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