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The presents to open on Bay's 19th birthday included a necklace passed down from Adriana and Regina; a box set of DVDs of Antonioni films from Daphne; a couple of funny t-shirts from Toby; and a gift certificate to Amazon from John and Kathryn, which was less sentimental than the other gifts but far more practical.

It was nice, knowing that many people cared about her. And after three prior birthdays together, Bay had almost forgotten sharing her special day with Daphne had once felt like an insult. (She had sent Daphne a kids book on gross medical facts. Hey, she was the one who wanted to be a doctor, so it counted as educational.)

The last envelope, small and blue, contained a picture of an anonymous bodega, street sign barely visible at the edge of the photograph. The note on the back said Find me. Love, Emmett.

So she got a birthday scavenger hunt, too. It was a little disgusting, how gooey-in-love Bay and Emmett were lately, but she'd decided to turn off her cynical brain and enjoy it until the next inevitable disaster. It was a rare day free of classes or a cafeteria shift: Bay put on the new necklace, jerked on her boots and jacket and set out to track him down.

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Bay was automatically suspicious when she picked up her phone and saw a few dozen people from Kansas City had texted her overnight. It was a relief when she realized that -- unlike the last several times this had happened -- nobody was arrested, dead or getting a divorce.

Instead, the Royals had made the World Series for the first time since 1985 ... and everybody Bay knew was losing their shit over it. This was what she got for having been raised by a former third baseman. It was actually sort of sweet to see them so happy, even as Bay remained resolutely apathetic to sports in general.

At least she got to mock her dad for having spent his entire professional baseball career between championship titles. Little things sometimes helped.

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Bay had gotten sucked into a massive round of Kennish-Vasquez family drama as soon as she got home and hadn't had much time to think about Fandom. Once the dust settled, Bay's biological father was dead; Daphne had flipped out and was practically smoking crack with some gang banger or something; and Bay knew her bio dad and his sister had both died young due to a hereditary aneurysm condition.

And also, she had gotten a final rejection from Pratt.

So ... that was fun.

On the bright side, she was back with Emmett and for once it seemed like they might not completely screw everything up. Was she certain enough about that to feel totally confident about her decision to follow him to L.A. with absolutely no plans of her own? Probably not, which was why she was procrastinating on packing by lying on her bed with her phone in her hands. She'd make the top of Kim Kardashian's A list before evening or waste a bunch of time trying.

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The night in Los Angeles had been uncomfortable. Nico and other-Victor had disappeared into a bedroom, and no one else felt like doing much beyond staring dumbly at the television. Xavin was the only one who seemed able to speak much, and she wasn't exactly a great conversationalist.

In the morning, Bay took the first portal back to Fandom because she couldn't think of anything better to do. She could mourn anywhere, and it seemed likely the rest of Gert's friends had crimefighting to do that she would just get in the way of. (Not that she understood how they could want to be heroes after they lost Gert, but her comments to that effect went nowhere.)

She took Old Lace up to her dorm room and made a phone call she didn't much want to make, because it made everything that much more real. Only knowing she owed it to Gert got her through leaving the message for Evan. Then she curled up on her bed, the dinosaur resting her head against Bay's shoulder as if she knew comforting was needed.

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Of course things got worse. )

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Dominic's quiet spring break at home hadn't exactly panned out the way he wanted it to. He'd volunteered to stay in Maryland a couple extra days to help Professor Ledarsky set up her work in a group exhibition in New York (and also get in some primo sucking up time, since he still needed that letter of recommendation). The exhibition had been a bust for Ledarksy -- her work just wasn't what the people at the gallery were into, and that made the professor surly and grouchy. Which made for an uncomfortable drive home from the city.

And then since he'd been in Maryland and at loose ends anyhow, he'd agreed to go to another of Tank's frat parties. Which had been going better than the last one in that he hadn't attempted to give himself alcohol poisoning ... and then he tripped over an edge on the carpet and smacked his hand into a bottle on the way down. The EMT who came to patch him up said the cut went down to his tendons.

So now he was in Kansas City, trying to heat up a can of Spaghetti-Os one-handed while his mom pulled a late shift at work.

He should have gone to Bali.

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Bay hadn't had a particularly memorable Wednesday. After First Aid class -- puppies! -- she'd gone to her art class on the mainland, bantered with Tank, and thought about how she'd ask Ledarsky for a letter of recommendation. She'd gotten hit with a bad headache during her trip home; it had been a relief to get back to her dorm room, take a couple painkillers, and fall asleep.

The next morning, Bay didn't wake up. In her place, Dominic Vasquez did.

But then, Dominic would say he'd been there all along.

He leaned out of bed, not bothering with his hearing aids yet, and grabbed his laptop to load up Photoshop. He was still working on tweaking that portfolio to show Ledarsky.

[OOC: Cracked door, open post. Bay is now an AU'd version of herself, Dominic Vasquez, for the duration of the BDE! Click here for more info about him.]
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Dominic (or Dom -- he doesn't care, either is fine) is quite a bit like Bay, except for that Y chromosome and chunks of his background. Like Bay, he's an artist, sarcastic, and relatively introverted. The main difference in terms of personality is that Dominic grew up in a much less privileged setting than Bay, and thus is less prone to acting like a spoiled brat. However, like her, he can be quite a drama queen at certain times.

Dominic's parents are Regina Vasquez and Angelo Sorrento. He still shares a birthday with Bay Kennish but, because Bay was a girl and he was a boy, they were never switched.

When Dom was three, he caught meningitis and lost most of his hearing in one ear. Angelo couldn't cope with having a sick kid and took off back to Italy soon after, so effectively Dom was raised by his mom and grandmother in the working class neighborhood of East Riverside. He reconnected with his father during his sophomore year of high school, but they don't speak often.

Dominic's hearing loss isn't as severe as Daphne's is in canon, and he's able to make up for most of the deficit with a hearing aid. But he spent some time at Carlton School for the deaf, coming to Fandom after that school closed down in the middle of his junior year.

And the Kennishes? They're out there, raising Toby and Bay-who-could-have-been-Daphne, with no idea how close they came to their younger child being switched at birth.

I'm assuming Dom will remember being friends with Bay's friends, albeit with some differences -- e.g., I don't think they have the same taste in makeout partners. But if you want to work out a more detailed backstory for Dominic to remember about your character, hit me up in the comments.
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Trying to do the portrait assignment at Tank's frat house had turned out to be exactly as bad an idea as Bay had thought it would be to start with. There turned out to be a party going on, and Tank shoved a cup of punch into her hands and told her to chill while he took care of ... whatever people trying to pledge a frat took care of.

So. She had punch. She chilled. She ran into an old friend from Kansas City, Mary Beth, and somehow that cup of punch kept getting tastier and tastier as they small-worlded at each other. And then Bay had a few more cups of punch, and then she decided to follow some guy named, um, ledge. Bluff. Cliff up to his room for beer.

Tank intervened, dragged her outside, all but held back her hair as she puked and sympathized as she moaned about not having a boyfriend. And then he loaded her into a cab and sent her back to the island.

Which was, Bay had to admit, surprisingly decent and not-cavemany of him.

She rested on her bed, moaning softly as she waited for the room to finish spinning. "Punch is baaaaaaad."

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"Art is in the eye of the beholder," Professor Ledarsky -- a middle-aged woman with curly hair and funky accessories -- intoned. "True or False?""

Bay still wasn't quite sure what the hell she was doing in a college class, but nobody else seemed inclined to talk, so she raised a hand. "True?"

"If it's true, what the hell are you doing here?" the professor asked, arching an eyebrow. Bay went pink as the rest of the class laughed.

In which we meet Tank. )

[OOC: NFB due to distance, NFI. Taken from SaB 3.1.]
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When Bay woke up Saturday morning, she laid perfectly still for a moment. She smelled everything perfectly -- the Doritos on Topher's side of the room, a mostly-empty can of spray paint she'd shoved under her bed, somebody's slightly burnt attempt at coffee in the common room. It was overwhelming and trippy and made even more so by the fact that,when she sat up, she realized her hearing was going crazy too -- she heard what she would swear was a guy singing in the shower floors and floors away.

Okay. The island is weird, film at eleven, she told herself, and groped for the sketchbook she kept on her so she could sketch her impressions before this particular bout of weirdness went away.

Fifteen minutes later, she was looking at a page full of stick figures, scribbles, and eraser-marks.Even her straight lines were turning out crooked.

"... Huh."

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It turned out the main exhibit at the American Visionary Art Museum for Bay and Gert's visit was by a guy obsessed with the end of the world.

His work was good, but it made for a morbid gallery to walk through before lunch.

"Okay," Bay said, as she stood in front of yet another canvas of skulls. "The world is not allowed to end before I finish high school."

[OOC: NFB due to distance. For she of the purple hair!]
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Bay had turned down the trip with Angelo to see Abby, and her reward was a lazy Friday morning. She was filling it by calling Toby for a good round of family gossip and picking on him about the married-at-nineteen plan.

She considered this her duty as a little sister.

Eventually -- possibly just to get Bay off the subject -- Toby asked if she had any news from the Vasquez-Sorrentos. Since Regina had moved out, the families hadn't been talking much.

"Well, I think Angelo's out of town for the weekend," Bay said. "He went to St. Louis to try to get the baby back from the couple who adopted her."

"That's cool," Toby said, after a pause in which he seemed to be trying to figure out how to feel. "I mean, you're gonna meet your sister."

Bay felt suddenly shy. "Yeah, he, um, wanted me to go, but..," she mumbled into the phone.

"Why didn't you?"

"I don't know," Bay sighed. "It just felt weird, and I'm all the way in Maryland, and school starts next week ... honestly, I just thought it would be more fun to stay where I was."

"Bay, if he doesn't get her back this might be your only chance to meet her," Toby pointed out.

"... now I feel even worse."

"It's a 90-minute flight," Toby said. "Bet there's one leaving this morning. I'll meet you at the St. Louis airport."

"Toby, you don't have to -"

Her big brother was stern. "C'mon."

And somehow Bay agreed.

[OOC: Establishy. Dialogue from Switched at Birth 2.17, ""Prudence, Avarice, Lust, Justice, Anger", with Toby stepping in for Ty.]
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After archery class -- or, as Bay suspected she'd fondly think of it, 'ogling the teacher's arms 101' -- Bay went back to her room to sketch in peace. (Or ... relative peace, considering the fact she kept singing under her breath and snatches of song were drifting in from the halls.)

She'd barely outlined the self-portrait she was working on before her phone rang with a call from Kathryn Kennish. She picked it up with some annoyance. "'H'lo?"

Her expression sobered quickly at what her mother told her. Her father was in the hospital after a heart attack. Regina had found him and he was doing better than expected, but he'd been asking for Bay. Could she come home for a few days?

Of course she could.

As she packed, she realized she was singing. This time, she didn't hold it in.

So tired, tired of this drama
No more, no more
I wanna be free
I'm so tired, so tired...

[OOC: Based on canon events. Cracked door, open post.]
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After the fun-filled experience of getting dragged out of a school that didn't even want her, Bay was grateful for a good night's sleep. Peace was good. She liked peace.

... which, this being her life, was destined to last just about until 10 in the morning, but hey. First, Daphne got something up her butt about Bay having talked to one of the reporters outside Carlton the night before, which in Daphne logic gave her the right to call Bay out on acting like she was the victim all of the time. And then Bay's nice quiet trip to see Lana and Angelo before she left turned into taking Lana to the hospital, which turned into being in the waiting room while her new baby sister was born. (Bay owed Toby and Nikki a lot for having entertained Gert while that was going on.)

Oh, and Regina was going to rehab. So that was fun. And apparently Toby had decided to get married, because teenage marriage to some girl you'd been dating for all of three months was such a great idea.

But somehow, when Bay finally made it back to her bedroom at her parents' house, none of that was bothering her the way the last thing she'd seen before she left the hospital was. It was such a small thing -- Angelo holding the newborn, singing and smiling at her. But it reminded Bay of the life she hadn't had, and for a moment she was fiercely jealous of the baby.

She went to half-heartedly pack for the trip back to school, which was turning into a lot of staring at clothes at random like a complete space cadet.

[OOC: NFB, for Gert only! Some dialogue may come from the SaB episode "Introducing the Miracle."]
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So far, Bay's brilliant plan to take Gert home with her to deflect questions and ease any lingering tension had worked perfectly. Kathryn had fussed over the purple-haired girl, which made Toby sympathetic, and now he was Gert's temporary best friend. And Gert had actually seemed kind of impressed by the stuff in Bay's studio, which was always a fantastic boost to her fragile artist ego. Daphne and Emmett seemed pretty upset about Carlton closing, which made Bay feel bad, but there were still a couple weeks in the school year, right? Plenty of time to figure something out.

So now all Bay and Gert had to do was get through Romeo & Juliet, see Angelo and Lana ... and then head back to the island of weird. Bay could do that in her sleep.

Everything was going perfectly right up to the balcony scene, when Bay noticed Daphne looked stricken before seeming to glance her way. She turned to the back of the theater, where Travis seemed equally stricken.

There was clearly nothing to do but go talk to him. Bay excused herself and went up the aisle.

//What's going on?//, she signed.


And this was why Bay had never particularly cared for Travis. Being lied to sucked. //I know you guys are planning something. What is it?//

Travis reluctantly explained the plan: The students were going to take over the Carlton building to force the administration to keep it open. But, he noted, //We're not taking over anything if we don't get rid of the security guard.//

They needed a distraction to get everyone's attention away from building security, Bay knew -- but what? It was practically fate that the fire alarm was right in her line of sight. She felt kind of horrible about it -- all of Kathryn's hard work, gone -- but she went over to pull it.

Lights started to flash in a silent alarm, and then there was chaos. Bay scrambled through the crowd to grab Gert's hand and then scrambled outside the theater and toward the school along with everybody else.

"I'll explain later," she whispered.

[OOC: NFB. For the girl with purple hair only.]
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No newbies, so this is just for the pretty, for the tropes, and because I'm procrastinating.

The girl who got switched, and the boy who got built. )

The man who got bit. )

The girl who could type. )
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Bay had noticed the random children the day before, and been smugly grateful it seemed to have passed her by. It wasn't that she was completely opposed to having kids someday, but right now? She didn't even really like to babysit.

She sprawled on her bed, idly flipping through a magazine as she appreciated her good fortune.

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