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Dominic's quiet spring break at home hadn't exactly panned out the way he wanted it to. He'd volunteered to stay in Maryland a couple extra days to help Professor Ledarsky set up her work in a group exhibition in New York (and also get in some primo sucking up time, since he still needed that letter of recommendation). The exhibition had been a bust for Ledarksy -- her work just wasn't what the people at the gallery were into, and that made the professor surly and grouchy. Which made for an uncomfortable drive home from the city.

And then since he'd been in Maryland and at loose ends anyhow, he'd agreed to go to another of Tank's frat parties. Which had been going better than the last one in that he hadn't attempted to give himself alcohol poisoning ... and then he tripped over an edge on the carpet and smacked his hand into a bottle on the way down. The EMT who came to patch him up said the cut went down to his tendons.

So now he was in Kansas City, trying to heat up a can of Spaghetti-Os one-handed while his mom pulled a late shift at work.

He should have gone to Bali.

[OOC: NFB, but open for calls/texts/etc should you wish! Just getting in a lil canon catch-up.]


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